Jiří Jarošík, football player (rentals, facility management): „Private Estate always stands for the right side of property playground."

„While football is primarily a game, a place for life is a whole another matter. That is why I contacted Private Estate, a team that never misses a goal. I can be pretty sure that my own properties have the best possible coach, with new tenants moving in swiftly. I can focus on game instead!"

Richard Procházka, CEO (facility management): „Real estate at the advance level is for professionals who make it meaningful."

„Investment purchases are the grounds, but how to make your ownership worth it? I am busy all the time so I delegated the tricky part to experts from Private Estate. Its well coordinated team not just dealt with my uneasy brief at lighting speed, but actually went an extra mile. My impersonal properties were transformed into warm place for lives, with all smiles tenants as a proof. Mission accomplished!"

High School of management and services in Prague: „Things get moving fast with Private Estate."

„Our students always dreamed about horse riding site, yet after a while, we ran out of capacities. It was time to hand over the reins and we did so in cooperation with Private Estate whose young efficient team found a perfect solution even for such a peculiar matter. Thanks to their fast and professional attitude, arrangements were made and our horse farm in Komořany welcomed a proud new owner.

Later on, we head together for the North to Bílá Vrána, our hotel in Bedřichov. We talk a prominent ski area, but a long-distance management began to take its toll. The decision was made and a couple of interested buyers were brought in promptly. Things get moving fast at Private Estate, no delays included. That is why these days, a beautiful new apartments for sale in name of a new owner are nearly finished. Well done!"