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We are proud of our tailored real-estate, law and mortgage services.

The vision

There is just one place like home.

"That is how we see ourselves in real-estate. A place for you to go to while searching for new home. A place whose portfolio simply makes sense. Others stick to routines, we know that life has its own rules. Whether you are after rental, sale or just short-lived work or holiday stay, you can always tell when you find what you want. In short, there is no place like home. Come on in. We will do our best to shape up your dream with our experience and make it real. A new home is love. Unlock the doors to yours."

Tomáš Lauer, PE founder


Yet, we are not ruled by business first

Instead, we build on:

  • The magic of complexity:
    We are not just go-betweens, we can advise you, too.
  • Experience is priceless:
    We've got realities in our DNA.
  • More than team of professionals:
    We are always step ahead in properties.
  • Understanding your vision:
    At the beginning, there is an idea. We shape it into a final form.
  • Sound relationship.
    We never play shallow, we want to get to know you.


While you go for and back to us, we back up your dreams. Your words make it meaningful!

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We are not alone. To get done with more dreams, we cooperate with:

Private Construction s.r.o.

Already have a place to live? Have a sneaky peek on our Private-construction s.r.o. , who makes your current home even better with tailored complex solutions. Living for reality.


Mio architects s.r.o.

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EVEREST servis s.r.o.

Construction Masters. Whether you are after scaffolding rentals, façade, spatial or mobile fencing, your construction site is up for a first-class service.




A prominent housing website. VIP apartment & facility visits, high class furnishing tips and advice. Real-estate advertisement.



The oldest Czech real-estate portal with the widest selection of properties in Czech Republic. From flats, houses, commercial premises, building sites and new-build properties to other estates to rent or sale, this is a one to watch.


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Whether it is a sale, rentals, family investment or ready-to-move place, looking for your new home represents a huge motivation for us. Interested in knowing more?