Private Construction s.r.o.

Already have a place to live? Have a sneaky peek on our Private-construction s.r.o. , who makes your current home even better with tailored complex solutions. Living for reality.

Mio architects s.r.o.

Pure class. An architectural studio, playing around with projects of all sizes since 2010. Someone likes it hot, Jana Šimánková, Radka Bartošová, Vít Černý a Adéla Přibylová prefer to be perfect!

EVEREST servis s.r.o.

Construction Masters. Whether you are after scaffolding rentals, façade, spatial or mobile fencing, your construction site is up for a first-class service.



A prominent housing website. VIP apartment & facility visits, high class furnishing tips and advice. Real-estate advertisement.

The oldest Czech real-estate portal with the widest selection of properties in Czech Republic. From flats, houses, commercial premises, building sites and new-build properties to other estates to rent or sale, this is a one to watch.